Stella Kae's story is a real-life Cinderella tal; Born in Oceanside, CA and raised by a struggling single-mother, she began working at age 11, and by 14, had packed her bags and moved to San Diego, determined to make a better life for herself.

Lying about her age, she supported herself by working as a photo studio hair and makeup artist inside a local shopping mall. Suddenly inspired by the world of fashion and beauty that had liberated her from her turbulent home-life, she often found herself wandering downstairs to the mall's bookstore to pore over the pages of Kevyn Aucoin’s first book 'The Art of Makeup,' so much, in fact, that the store manager one day gave it to her.

After many trials and tribulations, she has achieved success as an internationally recognized fashion and beauty expert, and her work as a double-threat hair stylist/makeup artist keeps her traveling all over to exciting and exotic locale, making people--of all ages, races, and genders--BEAUTIFUL, the Stella Kae way.

Her hands-on approach to makeup is tactile and intuitive, while her approach to hair is very technical; allowing her to utilize both sides of her brain within her craft, to flawlessly achieve any look from clean beauty, to high-glamour sultriness, and everything in-between.

These days, couture darlings, pop stars, politicians, and high-society socialites, all call on this former-child runaway to prepare them for their most important photo-shoots, films, and high-profile events.

She now lives in an enchanted neighborhood in Los Angeles with her fairy-tale prince and their 2 beautiful daughters.

Stella is represented globally by CloutierRemix.