Richard Marin became one of the top hair stylists in the hip, competitive market of hair styling. His work can be seen in elite fashion magazines such as Vogue, Allure, and Vanity Fair. His top advertising campaigns include Nike, Maybelline, Coke, Tommy Hilfiger, Dove and John Frieda. He was the trend setting hairdresser, during the peak years of the highly rated television show "Friends". His long list of celebrities encompasses actresses such as Denise Richards, Diane Kruger, Cindy Crawford, Rose Byrne, Megan Fox, Tina Fey, Felicity Huffman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marcia Gaye Harden, and Jodie Foster.

However, Richard's rise as one of Hollywood's "hottest" and "in demand" hairdressers was not something he had mapped out early on in life.

After getting his BA in marketing from Woodbury University, Richard spent a year working in the world of advertising. However, like most creative people he found the "9 to 5" life stifling and unrewarding. He took the advice from the vice president of the ad agency to pursue something creative, and decided to go back to hairdressing.

Richard already had his beautician's license and decided to take up work in a salon. After a time, he was itching for another challenge and decided to set his sights on Europe. In Munich and Milan he worked with premiere designers for ad campaigns and commercials. He also worked on the collections and runways of Europe where, as a hairdresser, Richard learned everything there was to learn about hair from cuts and curls to weaves and styling.

Richard returned to the states with a portfolio full of European fashion ads, the fruits of his many labors. This "European book" enabled him to find plenty of work in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Richard decided to settle in his native Los Angeles where he joined the Cloutier Agency, now known as Cloutier Remix, where he expanded his client base of top celebrities and big advertising campaigns. Richard is the spokesperson for Remington hot tools.

Richard loves to cut hair so much that he finds several days a month out of his busy schedule to do salon work, where he can keep his concepts fresh, his craft honed, and his passion alive. Richard's witty air, keen sense of humor, and complete grasp of what it is to be one of Hollywood's hottest hairdressers make him ideal for interviews, quotes and photo opportunities. Audiences will find Richard Marin to be an entertaining guest, informative copy, and an amusing raconteur. He continues to appear on television, doing hair-related segments.

Richard Marin is represented worldwide by prestigious CloutierRemix.