Carlos Ortiz got an early start to his career spending his summers working in his family’s salon in Los Angeles. He fell in love with the concept of making a woman desirable and saw the art behind it.

When he was young, Carlos absorbed the glamour of Hollywood and remembers "listening to his mother speak of strong women and the power of their beauty empowered.” Carlos traded in his math and history books for fashion magazines and found his calling.

His old school theory of hairstyling incorporates new school techniques with different eras and genres while mixing in music, fashion and art for every new client he meets. Carlos sees this as a vehicle to help and give to all he loves in his life.

He keeps busy working on commercials and advertising shoots all over the country and still finds time to run a private salon for his VIP clientele in the heart of downtown LA. Doing both keeps everything fresh and new.

His client list includes Vogue, Rolling Stone, W, Forever 21, L’Oreal and Target. He has also worked on numerous commercials including Levi’s and Macy’s as well as videos for groundbreaking artists such as India Arie and Devendra Banhart. In addition, he has the unique experience of working on many runway shows including Proenza Schouler, Carolina Herrera and Giorgio Armani.

Carlos is a renaissance man of hair. He knows how to mix fashion, celebrity, beauty and lifestyle in just the right way, and this is what makes all his work uniquely Carlos.

Carlos Ortiz is represented by CloutierRemix.