People Magazine has just unveiled the cover of this year’s “Most Beautiful Woman” issue. We were so thrilled to see the gorgeous face of Beyonce Knowles had been chosen as the lucky honoree! Juggling having an adorable baby girl, starting her own personal tumblr and preparing to go on tour, our beloved Beyonce seems like a superwoman as well as such a beauty.

One of the questions that we have been overhearing from women who also adore Bey’s look is: “How does she do it!” While sheer talent, great genes and will power make up for most of it, we here at Cloutier Remix do know that Mrs. Jay-Z absolutely trusts Francesca Tolot with all of her make-up needs. Check out the rest of Beyonce’s fantastic spread below (preferably while cranking “Crazy in Love” or “Countdown” in the background!).

Beyonce Knowles on the May 7th cover of People magazine — Makeup by Francesca Tolot for Cloutier Remix